FTEC Referral Program

FTEC Referral Program

The idea is:

  1. To register, fill in the form below. We will send you a unique referral link via e-mail after confirmation.
  2. Now you can advance FTEC pre-ICO/ICO using this link. You will get 10% of every ETH transaction conducted by users followed your link.
  3. For example, if the user registers from your affiliate link and pays 10 ETH, your bonus will be 1 ETH.
  4. Attention! All payments will be made after the end of the Pre-ICO. Currently, you have to focus on user involvement to our landing page.
  5. The more you involve, the more money you will receive!

Contributions should be made from wallet specified when registering. We can’t track payments made from other wallets.

Referral Program Report is available at the following link: